Friday, July 29, 2011

Nourishing Mizuna and Daikon Salad

I love a crisp clean Salad to cleanse my pallet and refresh my senses. Daikon is so cleansing and good for digestion that it is traditionally served with Sashimi, Tempura and Sushi in Japanese Restaurants. Mizuna is also cleansing, fresh and piquant in flavor. So pairing them creates a refreshing surprise for your taste buds. 

I love the way the flavors of the Daikon Radish and Mizuna play off each other in texture and form. I like to cut the stems from the Mizuna and Place them on a plate while I begin preparing the Daikon.

Then I scrub my Daikon with a Vegetable brush and prepare it for my salad. You can cut the Daikon in Rounds, Julienne, or a rectangular slice. Whatever shape you decide on be sure it is sliced thin. Try using a Mandolin for this!

For my Dressing I keep it simple. I use Orange Juice, Rice Vinegar, a pinch of Sea Salt and if you choose to use oil try a few drops of Toasted Sesame Oil and a Garnish of Sesame Seeds. If you like you can add Orange Sections to this salad for an additional taste sensation. However you choose to serve this Salad, concentrate on the dance of flavors on your tongue.

Serving Suggestion:
This salad would be a wonderful accompaniment to theTempeh of the Sea recipe from my June 24, post and the Raw Slaw recipe from my June 29, post.


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