Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nourishing Fruit Sorbet

With the temperature inching its way up the thermometer a cooling fruit filled Sorbet is in order!

I always keep some fresh ripe fruits frozen for the taking and making of Smoothies, or in this case a Sorbet! I own a Vitamix Blender which can turn out a dessert with the consistency of Sorbet without the need of an Ice Cream maker. The Vitamix Blender is a must have tool for your Nourishing Kitchen!

Frothy, Frozen Fruit Sorbet 

12 Oz of Cold Coconut Water
4 Frozen Ripe Bananas
1 Cup of Frozen Mango
1 Cup of Frozen Pineapple
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbl of Maple Syrup, Agave Nectar or Raw Honey

Pour Coconut Water into Vitamix Blender (you could try a food processor)
Add Mango, Sweetener of Choice, Vanilla Extract and Blend
Add Pineapple and Blend while adding Bananas (pre cut in Chunks) and use the Tamper which comes with your Vitamix to keep fruits moving. The tamper is necessary because the mixture will be extremely thick. This beautiful and satisfying dessert will take no more then 5 Minutes to make!

Scoop into Pretty Glasses or Serving Dishes which have been visiting your Freezer for an hour or so and Garnish with Mint or Shredded Coconut


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