Friday, October 21, 2011

Nourishing Scrambled Tofu

It appears the leaves have reached their peak here in Vermont. What a spectrum of colors our eyes feasted on. From yellow to orange, gold and crimson, it was amazing! So with the landscape fading I have decided to do a Post Peak Brunch this coming weekend. I am planning to serve, Polenta with kernels of Corn and Leeks, Sautéed Greens, Apple Cinnamon Muffins and the star of the show, my savory Scrambled Tofu!

To make things simple, upon rising I will measure out and dry roast the Polenta, setting it aside to cook later. Wash and cut all of the vegetables, measure out the ingredients for the Muffins and crumble the Tofu. Then it's off to the Park with our dog Jack, returning home for a shower and begin to orchestrate my symphony of aromas and flavors!

Scrambled Tofu
Serves Six
2 lb of Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu or any good quality non GMO Organic Tofu that you favor
1 Red Pepper small dice
1/2 Cup of Carrot matchsticks
1 Small Red or Yellow Onion small dice
2 Clove of Garlic crushed and minced fine
2 Handfuls of Baby Spinach
2Tbl Toasted Sesame Oil
2Tbl Wheat Free Low SodiumTamari
1Tbl Nutritional Yeast
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1Tbl Ginger peeled and grated
1 Tbl Kuzu or Arrowroot diluted in 3 Tbl of cold water
Carrot Matchsticks
Heat a Large Skillet, add Sesame Oil when hot, toss in Red Pepper, Onion and Garlic
Saute for 2 minutes and add the Carrot Matchsticks sauteing for an additional 2 minutes 
Add Crumbled Tofu, Turmeric and Tamari mixing together to create a golden color
Add in Nutritional Yeast  and Ginger,  mix in
Add Baby Spinach to your Skillet stir and Saute for an additional minute
Add Diluted Arrowroot or Kuzu and stir and cook for 2 minutes

Baby Spinach
I am so looking forward to sitting down with friends this weekend and relaxing into heady conversation, catching up on any missed Summer adventures and laughing up a storm over countless cups of Japanese Twig Tea.
I wish you a lovely Weekend!